Microsoft SharePoint is more than just a document management system. It is a platform that provides developers a rich robust set of features in which to build integrated collaborative applications. So why do so many SharePoint implementations fall short and remain just another document repository with a vanilla look and feel? It is mostly because developers - who might be very familiar with web development, choose to stick with what they know. They choose to fight the platform rather than embrace it’s gifts. This eliminates the benefit of having a platform in the first place. Often IT departments choose to limit the means by which developers can build SharePoint applications. The challenge becomes to deliver capable applications within these constraints.

Jetstream has worked with SharePoint since its first beta - including creating components for it. We’ve continued our efforts through every released version onto O365. We’ve worked with some of the largest and most complex SharePoint implementations in the world and are experts in leveraging what SharePoint brings to the table to deliver customized robust applications.

Let us help your company to truly benefit from your SharePoint investment.