Engagement Model

Jetstream is committed to partnering with our clients. We know that your exact requirements, objectives and priorities are unique to your company. We leverage our best practices, methodologies, capabilities and expertise to tailor an engagement to your needs and objectives. Jetstream collaborates with our clients to meet your particular budget, timeline, and risk management needs. Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you want to sacrifice quality. We have proven experience delivering quality at the highest possible ROI.

The Jetstream engagement model: customer focus, flexible engagements, rigorous process, disciplined delivery...no surprises.

We recognize the following factors are critical to successful engagements

A high level of communication

Jetstream's methodologies foster a constant flow of communication throughout the life of the engagement. We involve our customers from the beginning to ensure satisfaction and confidence in the proposed solution.

Well understood requirements and objectives

Jetstream exhaustively analyzes and documents engagement needs to architect scalable and robust solutions that best achieve client goals.

A robust and flexible SDLC

A focus on disciplined project management and delivery methodologies are the cornerstone for a successful engagement. Jetstream utilizes a flexible blend of methodologies designed to complement your team's methodologies and ensure that you attain your goals. Jetstream has over a decade of demonstrated ability to deliver full life-cycle projects to client requirements.

The right expertise

Jetstream's tenured consultants are highly trained and qualified professionals with a passion for technology curbed with real world experience and practicality. With our continuous involvement in developing new technologies and diversity of experience our clients have a jumpstart on leveraging new technology to yield bottom line results.