WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a method for creating user interfaces for Windows. It enables the use of more appealing UI features (transparency, gradients, vector graphics, scaling, and transforms for example), ease of layout, better media integration and animation.  This lets developers create more compelling user interfaces in a shorter time frame. In addition it allows for more flexible data access and manipulation. WPF enables a true separation of UI and business logic. This lets developers work on the interface in parallel to or before application functionality has been created. One can build protoypes and mock-ups that don't have to be throw away code as well.

We can help. Jetstream has deep experience in utilizing WPF to provide our customers with exciting and compelling user interfaces. We've developed CRM, games, kiosks, bioscience, and other business applications leveraging the power of WPF. Not only will your application benefit from WPF's functionality and efficiency but it will have a more designed and aesthetic appearance. Let us assist you by creating the type of  user interface that makes your application stand out.