Multi-touch technology is rapidly becoming mainstream. Windows 7 now supports multi-touch, OSx has support, and most of the leading smart phone operating systems (iPhone, WindowsMobile, Palm WebOS, and Android) have or will have support soon. A plethora of hardware devices and displays are coming to market rapidly.

The industry is poised to undergo a revolution in how users interact with their computers, data and media. Given the proliferation of capability designing your application for touch input – whether it is two finger, ten finger or more, is something many software publishers are now considering.

Jetstream has developed a variety of multi-touch applications which include games, utilities, multi-media , and business applications. We’ve worked with or researched every leading multi-touch hardware vendor and in many cases worked with the technology while it was still in development. We know what it takes to build multi-touch applications because we’ve done it successfully. If your company is looking to multi-touch enable their applications we can help.