“Just copy a few files and an icon or two”

Installs always seem to start out simple. But they don’t often stay that way. Today’s complex applications are harder to install. While not glamorous, the first experience your customer will have with your product involves it’s installation. Yet, it is quite common for the setup, deployment, or installation process to receive short shrift.

Many times the installation process does not properly account for different OS versions, permissions or pre-existing installations and upgrades. Deployment across multiple client and server systems can be even more difficult.

Why do your developers hate writing installs?

Lots of reasons:

  • It’s a thankless task—installs only get noticed when they fail.
  • Installs require specialized knowledge not relevant to the rest of their job.
  • Writing installs usually means using a limited script-based tool.
  • And you know there’s still plenty of work left on the product itself.

  • But you also know that a good install is really important. Software publishers report that 40% or more of technical support calls are related to setup. A good install can reduce support costs, inspire confidence, and minimize returns. It’s also key to Microsoft Logo Certification.

    We can help. Setups are one of Jetstream's specialties. We developed InstallWizard - which was subsequently purchased by Microsoft. We can apply to your setups the experience we’ve gained writing InstallWizard, just as we’ve done for many other software publishers.