The last thing your users want to see when first installing your product is problems with your drivers. Drivers might not be the most exciting piece of your product but without a driver that fully supports your products capabilities your users' experience may suffer.

Jetstream has developed drivers for a variety of audio & video devices in addition to producing the reference designs upon which many manufacturers build their own drivers. We've also created many utilities that companies use to measure performance. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of driver development and can produce a quality driver for your product.

If you're applying for Microsoft Certification of your product, you should know that it can be a convoluted and expensive process. The process provides concise guidelines and tools for application developers to use in optimizing their applications. Most applications not specifically written with the logo in mind will fail in one or more conformance testing aspects.  As experts in Microsoft technology, we've helped diagnose and fix dozens of products that failed the tests. One of the most common ways products fail is in the quality of thier />
Not only does Jetstream have deep experience in developing drivers for a wide variety of products but Jetstream can also help shepherd your product through the logo process.We can help you develop your product with certification in mind while speeding you on the way to market.