SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is Microsoft's entre into the business intelligence market. It is server-based solution which ships with Microsoft SQL Server. One benefit of SSRS is that many companies who utilize SQL Server already have it in house. Another benefit is that it is tightly integrated with SQL Server and shares many of the same tools. Reports are defined in Report Definition Language (RDL), an XML markup language. RDL Reports can be output in variety of formats such as Excel, DOCX, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF and HTML Web Archive. Reports are accessed in the browser and an Ad-Hoc report generation tool is provided.

Jetstream has sucessfully delivered numerous business intelligence products which leverage SSRS - either in a stand-alone implementation or integrated with other Microsoft Products such as SharePoint. We've also produced custom applications which incorporate SSRS reporting functionality. Today's users expect thier applications to provide robust reporting functionality. Let us help you unlock the intelligence in your data.